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Manufacturer Description

The Rudy Project Sterling helmet is a Rudy Project creation like no other! Equipped with 18 vents, comfort ring that’s adjustable and our latest in retention dial system RSR7, the STERLING will not only turn heads but keep you cool and protected.


  • Comes with a soft carrying bag, removable bug stop, free padding
  • 18 Vents
  • Weight (measured)
    with Mesh Insert
    • Large – 335 g (11.8 oz ) with mesh insert
  • Size
    • Large –  58-62 cm (22.8-24.4 in)
  • Retention – R.S.R. 7 Disc
  • Certifications – CE 89/686 EEC, EN 1078, CPSC 12.03, AS/NZS 2063
  • Available in 8 Colors
  • Retail – $230 (available at

YMMV Review

Melissa has had a Rudy Project helmet for years and really liked it. While I have had several other helmets over time, I finally got the opportunity to test out a Rudy Project Helmet and I am glad I did.

Padding Only

Design ★★★½☆

The Rudy Project Sterling Helmet feels solid out of the box. You can tell it is made with quality parts and practices.  The helmet is made with 18 vents for keeping your head cool. These have been located in strategic locations to optimize the flow of air. Inside some of these vents you can see individual support struts which give the helmet a cool look.  Inside the helmet Rudy Project uses a mesh net with padding for comfort and to keep bugs out of your hair. I imagine this also keeps long hair from sticking out of the vent. I have never had that problem with my buzzed head. Rudy does include a set of padding that does not have this mesh if you would like to remove the mesh and increase the airflow.

The straps are fairly similar to other helmets. They create a V-Shape connecting to the front and back of the helmet before joining by the ears at an adjustable clip and then clipping under the chin. The chin strap and buckle have a padding piece over the top to protect the underside of your chin. The retention system for the helmet is a toothed disc with reinforced runners, special protective wings and a rear panel with diagonal holes for fixing straps. Precise micrometric regulation and height adjustment provide a perfect, personal fit and excellent stability. The helmet is created using IN-MOLD technology. The IN-MOLD technology is used to inject styrofoam into the mold containing the cap in polycarbonate at a very high pressure. This forms a seamless rigged structure more impact resistant and lighter than any other helmet produced. This helmet carries with it several certifications that you can see listed above. Rudy Project has thoroughly tested this helmet.

Retention Disc

Fit ★★★★½

This is where I feel the Rudy Project Sterling Helmet succeeds. This has been the most comfortably fitting helmet I have worn thus far. With the adjustable height and fit in the back as well as the ample padding this helmet is comfortable right out of the box. Even the straps are a bit softer than some others I have used. I was given a large to test and it has worked well. I am on the smaller side of a large but the retention system works well to keep it secure. Every once in a while when adjusting it will drop back a tooth but you just have to twist it more to get back to where you were. It is really easy to adjust on the fly as well. The other great feature is the padding that covers the chin buckle, this is a nice addition.

Performance ★★★★☆

I first have to let everyone know I have not tested this helmet in a crash and I really do not plan on it. I apologize if you think this review is incomplete without it but with all the certifications that Rudy Project has for this helmet I figure it is well tested without me banging my head around more.

Chin Strap

The helmet does let air flow through well and even better when the mesh is removed. I personally like the mesh as I think it was slightly more comfortable with it and since my hair is so short my head stayed cool even with the mesh lining. The retention system works well; I really like wheel systems as they can adjust easily if needed. A couple times I wore this helmet with a cycling cap so being able to loosen it easily from my normal setting was key. The helmet comes with a trail visor that can be attached for mountain biking, as I did most of my riding on road I did not attach it. The only drawback I had with the helmet is that it runs a bit on the heavy side. Just think it is making your neck stronger.

Overall ★★★★☆

The Sterling Helmet is a solid helmet for on or off the road. The fit is outstanding and construction is solid. I do think it runs slightly on the heavy side but I would rather it be heavier and protect my head, rather than light and not. The great thing about the helmet is the options with the mesh liner; it can be customized to breathe at the level you wish. The 18 vents do a good job moving air though the helmet. Hopefully I never need to test all the crash certifications.  As always, Your Mileage May Vary.

Bag and Visor


  • Great fit
  • Options for padding and breathability


  • On the heavy side

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