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Manufacturer Description

We’ve carefully fine-tuned Morpho 2P to be the perfect companion for your extended adventures in the wilderness. With remarkable strength, easy setup, and beautiful simplicity, Morpho 2P can handle it all. Morpho 2P features NEMO airbeams which are stronger than conventional tent poles, much easier to set up, more field reparable, and pack considerably smaller. Storage space is flexible: use the new Boot Cut feature to store your muddy shoes outside or retract the ExoFly for a temporary full vestibule. Includes a Nemoid Foot Pump, watertight stuff sack, stakes, and repair kit. Optional Footprint, Pawprint, and Padlocks are available.


  • Minimum Weight: 5.1 lbs (2.3 kg)
  • Packed Weight: 5.5 lbs (2.5 kg)
  • 2 Airbeams (3.5 inch diameter)
  • Floor: 104” x 64” (264 cm x 163 cm)
  • Floor Area: 39 ft2 (3.6 m2)
  • Interior Height: 42” (107 cm)
  • Vestibule Area (if ExoFly is retracted): 14 ft2 (1.3 m2)
  • Packed Size: 14” x 7” (36 cm x 18 cm)
  • Fully seam taped and waterproof
  • Tent Shell Fabric: 40 D Osmo Waterproof/Breathable
  • Fly/Vestibule Fabric: 30 D PU Nylon
  • Floor fabric: 30 D PU Nylon
  • Retail – $430

YMMV Review

Design ★★★★★

The floor/fly fabric is similar to other tents I have used. It is a lightweight nylon fabric that block wind and is waterproof.  The nylon fabric is not very breathable.  The other fabric used on this tent is.  It is a waterproof breathable fabric used on a large part of the upper tent.  There is a front window to look out of.  The tent is set up by Air Supported Poles.   Sounds crazy but you just pump them up with the included pump up to the correct pressure and you are set.  There is a bladder inside a tough outer-layer fabric that protects the bladder.  The cool thing is that you can either pump up your tent form outside on a nice day or inside on a wet day.

They really have thought about everything in the design of this thing. There is plenty of venting for the tent to keep condensation down. Essentially there are 4 vents. One on each side, one in the back, and then by leaving zippers open up high or from the floor below the fly door when zippered shut.  The inside the tent has plenty of room.  You can keep the ExoFly detached and use the vestibule to cook or take off boots and then attach it for sleeping. There is even a nook for your boots at night.   Another great idea is that there are many ways to set up the front door.   Basically there is three doors that you can use any way you please.   On the inside there are some stash pockets for your stuff as well as a light diffuser pocket for a headlamp to help light up the tent at night, it even works.   Some people might not like the fact that 2/3 of the tent is a solid wall during the summer, but the door fly can be rolled up and help the tent vent and stay cool.

Performance ★★★★☆

I have used this tent for a bike touring trip with sun and mist as well as on a snowy mountain adventure. The tent performed well in all instances. Since I used it as a solo shelter, there was lots of room for just me.

I am 5’11” and I had plenty of room with the vestibule pulled in, with the vestibule pulled out I was living like a king.

Inside View

I feel like it would be a moderately sized 2 person tent. Not as tight as many but not huge either.   I had no issues with any leaks or condensation at any temperature.  The window has fogged up for me but not really due to condensation.  Seems that the plastic just needs to be cleaned every so often, not sure what is going on there. The tent is super easy to set up, especially on a grass field.  It has 8 stakes to attach it to the ground and a couple more to guy it out in the wind.  My only drawback with this tent is that it is not freestanding which could make it more difficult in the snow. I had a dirt patch when I set it up in the snow. Apart from that I have been very impressed with this tent. Well thought out design and function. The coolest thing about the tent is I have the Pawprint for it. Similar in thought to a footprint but instead it is a thin brushed polyester that snaps in above the floor inside the tent. It resists stains, sliding, and protects the floor. It is even washable when you get home. It probably adds a slight bit of warm to the tent but make a world of difference in making the tent feel cozier. Weight penalty is 15 oz but well worth it in my opinion.

Overall ★★★★½

Overall I really like this tent. I have been impressed with Nemo and their designs and this has not let me down.

I plan on getting an Espri 2 which is free standing and a bit lighter, more like a large 1 person. This tent will easily fit two and do it comfortably as well. I would not hesitate purchase this tent. Especially for bike touring where you already have a patch kit with you and poles are annoying, this is the perfect tent. It has stood up to the conditions well and has not showed any where thus far.

A Bit of Snow

Even a couple inches of snow were no problem. Best part about this tent is the lack of poles, so it packs down into a football size with the included Nemo compression sack. The Nemo Morpho 2p Tent is expensive, at $430 you get a lot of tent though. As with all my reviews, your mileage may vary.


  • Feature rich
  • Lightweight
  • No Poles
  • Many Add Ons
  • Packs down small


  • Window Fogs
  • Price


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