Komperdell Contour Titanal Power Lock Poles

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Manufacturer Description

Extra slim and light, the Men’s Contour Titanal Power Lock Trekking Poles features a Contour Grip with extended grip zone designed in super light EVA foam that is perfect for gripping lower down. A Stop Lock system makes the single pole sections into one unit.


  • Sizes
    • Packed size – 71 cm (28 in)
    • Maximum length – 140 cm (55.1 in)
    • EVA Airfoam Contour grip
  •  KOMPERDELL Airfoam strap
  • Trekking pole TITANAL.HF alloy
  •  3 Sections
    • 16 mm diameter bottom section (0.63 in)
    • 14 mm diameter middle section (0.55 in)
    • 12 mm diameter lower section (0.47 in)
  • POWER LOCK II system
  • vario mini basket
  • Tungsten/carbide flex tip
  • Measured weight – 268 g per pole (9.5 oz)
  • Retail – $140

YMMV Review

With the C3 Carbon poles , Komperdell let me test out a set of their Titanal.hf alloy poles as well.  These also featured the Powerlock system rather that the twist lock systems I have come to despise.  If you would like to know about trekking poles, check out my article by clicking on the link below.

Design ★★★★½

The Komperdell Contour Titanal Power Lock Poles are part of the signature collection. These are the Hans Kammerlander poles. Hans Kommerlander has been on thirteen 8000 m peaks (there are only 14 in the world) and was the first person to ski down Mount Everest. The Komperdel Contour Titanal Poles are a 3 section trekking pole made of Titanal.hf alloy. Titanal.hf is also used in space industry – especially for parts exposed to excessive use. Titanal.hf most important property is that it has a high density at comparably low weight. Titanal.hf is an aluminum alloy. Its mechanical density is comparable to steel, but its weight is only one-third of steel. Each section is slightly smaller than the above one so it can adjust to the length for the user.

Grip and Strap

The poles feature Komperdell’s Power Lock II adjusting system. This system locks the poles via a latch system rather than a twisting mechanism. It is super easy to use and according to Komperdell, it increases the holding power 90%. The Contour Titanal poles are able to be adjusted from a packed size of 71 cm (28 in) to a maximum length of 140 cm (55.1 in). The poles have a hard plastic top with a foam grip below. The grip extends down the shaft as one piece with some texture lines for to aid in grip. The straps on the Contour Titanal poles are adjustable behind the hand. It is a thin webbing strap with a sliding pad for comfort. The poles come with the vario mini basket for general hiking and firmer conditions.

Numbered Pole Sections

Performance ★★★★½

Just like the C3 Carbon Poles these poles are lightweight and easy to swing. The poles have a comfortable foam grip that extends down the shaft for more gripping options. I really liked this grip. The foam seems softer than some of the others I have tested. The strap is also very comfortable. It is a wide strap to distribute pressure over a larger area, and since it is padded it is soft on the wrist. I liked the width of this strap, and it was easier to adjust due to the adjustment being made behind the hand. The Titanal.hf feels very durable. I did not bang the poles excessively on anything but how solid these poles feel just exerts confidence. Both bottom sections have numbered length measurements making it really easy to get the right length.

Padded Strap

The Power Lock system is great. The poles can be locked and unlocked quickly. My other poles were twist lock poles, and I plan on not going back. These are so much easier to use, even with gloves on. The poles come stock with the vario mini basket for firmer conditions. If it is needed it is really easy to change these out for a larger basket in the winter. Extra baskets are around $5.

Overall ★★★★☆

A gave these an overall rating of 4 just like the C3 Carbon poles. While the Contour Titanal may be slightly heavier than carbon poles. The grip and strap are more comfortable than any other poles I have tested thus far. The poles have a good feel to them and are just solid. They may transfer shock up the shaft a bit more, but the foam grip will help with this. I like how these poles are numbered on both sections, once I knew the length I liked. I could just tighten the poles and go. At $140 these poles are on the expensive side but are a top of the line alloy pole. Komperdell has been making poles for some time now, and you can tell. As always, your mileage may vary.

Locking Mechanism


  • Lightweight
  • Well made and solid feeling
  • Comfortable grip
  • Power Lock mechanism works well


  • Expensive but you get what you pay for


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