Komperdell C3 Carbon Power Lock Poles

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Manufacturer Description

100% Carbon especially designed for Trekking, extra light for perfect swing dynamics.


  • Sizes
    • Packed size – 69 cm (27.2 in)
    • Maximum length – 145 cm (57.1 in)
    • EVA foam grip
  •  KOMPERDELL Trekking strap
  • G´Reptile grip zone
  • 3-sections
    • upper section – 100% carbon, 16 mm diameter (0.63 in)
    • middle section – 100 % carbon, 14 mm diameter (0.55 in)
    • lower section – TITANAL.HF, 12 mm diameter (0.47 in)
  • POWER LOCK II system
  •  Vario summer basket
  • Tungsten/carbide flex tip
  • Measured weight – 242 g per pole (8.5 oz)
  • Retail – $200 per set

YMMV Review

In writing my knowledge base article on Trekking Poles, I wanted to review a couple of poles with lever locking instead of the twisting lock that my current poles have. I actually have used trekking poles for some time but mine were a basic model that was no comparison to the ones Komperdell let me review. If you would like to read more on Trekking Poles in general, click through to the knowledge base article below.

Design ★★★★☆

The C3 Carbon Power Lock Trekking Poles are a lightweight 3-section trekking pole. The poles are able to be packed down to 69 cm (27.2 in) in length when not in use and can be extended up to 145 cm (57.1 in) long when in use. The top two sections of the pole are made of 100% carbon. Carbon is extremely light and strong material. It also has shock dampening characteristics, which help dampen the vibrations up the shaft. The lower sections of the poles are made of Titanal.hf alloy. Titanal.hf is also used in space industry – especially for parts exposed to excessive use. Titanal.hf most important property is that it has a high density at comparably low weight. Titanal.hf is an aluminum alloy. Its mechanical density is comparable to steel, but its weight is only one-third of steel.

G'Reptile Extended Grip

The grips on the C3 Carbon poles are made of EVA foam. The grip section is this material while the top is made of a hard plastic. The strap is adjustable to your hand and wrist size. It is made of webbing with a softer texture on the inside. Below the main grip, the pole is wrapped in G’Reptile material. This grip zone is a special coating for extra firm hold even when wet. This lower grip zone is great for times when you need to use both hands on one pole or grip down the shaft. Overall, the materials and features of these poles were developed to create light weight poles with excellent swing dynamics. Komperdell does make a women’s model of these poles with a shorter length, smaller grip, and feminine color scheme.

Performance ★★★★☆

These are the best trekking poles I have ever used. The C3 Carbon Poles hardly weigh a thing making them easy to swing and not adding any extra effort to use. The poles adjust really easily. After having other trekking poles with the twist locking mechanism, I am so happy to test out a pair with a lever lock. Not only are they easy to lock, but they are also easy to unlock. With twist lock poles, it has always been relatively simple to lock them, but many times it is darned near impossible to get them unlocked. I ended up getting marks on my palms from gripping and twisting so hard. I like the power locks. The poles are 2/3 carbon fiber, and it seemed that the carbon dampens the vibration from rocks and the ground when putting the poles in the ground.

Main Grip and Strap

The strap is comfortable around the wrist. I did have trouble with one of the straps not adjusting easily. I always seemed to want to go back to the same spot. After some working with it, I got it where I wanted. The grip is nice and comfortable in the hand. I also tested the Contour Titanal poles and did actually like the grip on those poles a bit more. This grip was nice but I just liked the other slightly more. The G’Reptile below the main grip is very easy to hold onto. The material used for this extended grip does not slip, ever. The poles come with the vario summer basket. This is a good size for most applications except for snow. The vario system makes it really easy to adjust baskets if needed. The other baskets can be purchased separately. Melissa also tested these poles out and was an instant fan. Not only did they give her more balance on confidence on the trail. She also felt like they were very light and liked the grip as well. She did not feel like the grip was too big for her, but I must add that she does not have much experience with trekking poles. After testing these, she definitely wants a pair for our adventures from this day forwards.

Power Lock Mechanism

Overall ★★★★☆

These are some nice trekking poles. They are well-made and feel solid all around. The main grip is very comfortable, and the extended grip is tacky and has an interesting feel to it. The locking mechanisms are such an improvement over the twisting lock trekking poles. They are easy to adjust, and since they are so light they take nearly no effort to swing. The one thing I find puzzling on the poles is the lower section does not have any length numbers for sizing. This makes it a bit more difficult to get the correct length every time so little adjustments might need to be made to get it right. There is a price for getting such high quality and lightweight trekking poles, but if you plan on using them a lot, you cannot get much better than these. As always, your mileage may vary.

Bottom Section is Not Numbered


  • Carbon dissipates shock up the shaft
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable grip and extended grip
  • Powerlocking mechanism is easy to use


  • No numbering on lower section of poles
  • Expensive but worth it


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