Montrail Rogue Racer Shoes

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Manufacturer Description

Ultra-lightweight trail racing flat designed for trail racers who crave minimalism and low profile performance.


  • A “Micro“ three-point lug design for extreme lightweight multi-directional traction, combined with full-length Gryptonite
  • Horizontal and vertical flex grooves provide forefoot flexibility
  • Fit Notes: Secure fit
  • Low profile midsole for flexibility and a fast responsive feel on the trail
  • Combined external TPU shank and Trail Shield for support and traction
  • Measured Size 9
    • Weight – 231 g (8.1 oz)
    • Forefoot Width – 99 mm (3.9 in)
    • Stack Height – Heel (19.7 mm), Toe (9 mm), Drop (10.7 mm) – without insoles
    • Insole – Heel (3.6 mm), Toe (2.1 mm), Drop (1.5 mm)
  • Retail – $110

YMMV Review

Montrail has been a big player in the Ultra Marathon for several years. They make some shoes that are built for some of the toughest trails and conditions you can face. These are not these shoes; these are racing flats, built to be low profile and lightweight. Designed with the help of one of their top athletes: Max King.

Side View

Design ★★★½☆

The Montrail Rogue Racers are a trail running racing flat. Built with a low profile and flexible sole. The sole of the shoe has a small three-point lug system for traction. The sole also has both vertical and horizontal flex grooves for forefoot flexibility. The shoe features an external TPU shank to protect your foot from the rocks. At 231 grams (8.1 oz) it is lightweight for a trail shoe. The heel-toe drop is 10.7 mm according to my digital calipers. This was measured without the insole, the insole adds another 1.5 mm of drop. There are some support features that wrap the upper. Several along the inside and outside of the shoe as well as four across the forefoot region. The upper has ample amounts of breathable mesh. The lacing system is fairly straight forward with a thin breathable tongue.

Top View

Fit ★★★½☆

The Rogue Racers are a lightweight racing flat. At 8.1 ounces it is one of the lightest cushioned trail runners I own. The shoe has a fairly secure fit throughout. While the toe box has some room, it is not overly roomy. I have not tried wearing these shoes without socks. I don’t think I plan to. The inside of the shoes has some seems and running dirty trails makes me want to wear socks. I feel like the shoes run a little small. If you run on the smaller side of your particular size then it will be okay but anything bigger you may want to size up a half size. I am generally a size 9 and with the 9 I need to wear thin socks in order to have enough room for my toes, especially when descending.

Performance ★★★★☆

The shoes have performed well on the dry trails of Central Oregon. The three point lug system grips the dry rocky terrain we have here. We have not had any mud to test them in so I will have to report on their traction in the mud later on. The shoe is close to the ground, especially in the forefoot, you can feel some of the rocks and features but the shank works well and none of the rocks hurt. The insole of these is also soft and cushy. A polar opposite from the firmer minimalist shoes I have in my closet. The shoe flexes well when you run, especially in the forefoot. This gives them a nice and minimalist feel when running. Not overly built up like some trail runners can be. For a lightweight trail shoe there is still some protection in the toe area. Inside the toe area there is a protective cap to protect your toes. While the lacing system is fairly standard, it works well keeping your foot secure and in place. I have done several longer runs on road, fire roads, and single track trail and the ride has been great on all these surfaces. The shoes are lightweight and a plush ride that I would not hesitate on using for my longest runs. I have stretched them out to runs up to 20 miles thus far and they have been comfortable throughout.


Overall ★★★½☆

Overall the Montrail Rogue Racers have been a comfortable lightweight trail runner. The fit I would classify as medium, not loose or tight. I have really liked the cushioned low profile ride. Most trail runners feel really built up and clunky, these do not. The traction has been good on the dry trails and rocks here in Central Oregon, I will need to report back on their performance in the mud. My only disappointment with the shoe is the heel/toe drop. 9 mm of drop is a little more than I prefer to run in but this was not the issue. I was disappointed when my own measurements put it closer to 10.7 mm without insoles and 13.2 mm with them. That is more than I like now that I have transitioned to a midfoot strike. If you are looking for a lightweight cushioned trail runner, this is a great option. If you are looking for a barefoot style trail runner, some of my other reviewed shoes would be a better option. The shoes do seem like they should have a long lifespan, time will tell. At $110 you will have to decide if they are worth the money. I feel like you get a good bang for your buck. As always, your mileage may vary.


  • Lightweight for a cushioned trail runner
  • Soft cushioned ride with low profile


  • More Drop that advertised
  • Small traction lugs on the bottom might be an issue for certain situations


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