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Manufacturer Description

Over-the-Knee Coverage for Harsh Weather and Harsher Trails. Conceived on the trails of southern Utah, the Hoodoo fuses elements of our trail shorts, cargo shorts and knickers all into one. The 16 inch inseam makes this our longest short, but we kept it bike friendly by articulating the knees and adding zip mesh leg openings. With 8 pockets there’s a place for everything and everything has its place.


  • Detachable RPL Essential Liner with ZO-Tech chamois pad
    • 9 inch inseam
    • Reversed stitching
    • 6 panel construction
    • Gripper elastic leg openings
  • Fusion gusset inseam
  • Articulated knee patches & zippered gussets
  • 2 front hand pockets and 2 rear pockets
  • 2 zip leg pockets, and 2 cargo pockets
  • Tech sleeve inside right pocket
  • Headphone cord control grommet and loop
  • Microfiber sunglass wipe secured with elastic strap
  • Locking zippers with logo tabs
  • Tagless labels
  • Elastic back waist with Velcro side-adjuster tabs
  • Double snap front flap with exposed zipper fly
  • Short fabric – 100% Nylon
  • Liner Fabric – 91% Polyester, 9% Spandex
  • Tested size medium
    • Weight
      • Shorts – 452 g (15.9 oz)
      • Liner – 135 g (4.8 oz)
    • Inseam length – 40.6 cm (16 in)
    • Leg opening width – 24.5 cm (9.6 in) w/2.5 cm gusset closed
  • Retail – $120

YMMV Review

Zoic is a smaller clothing brand that focuses on taking performance fabrics and technical features and putting them into comfortable styles. Their cycling clothing covers all types of riding and has been since 1994. Zoic is located near the beach in sunny San Diego.

HIghland Jersey and Hoodoo Shorts from the Front – Click to See Larger

For YMMV Reviews, I previously did a review of the Zoic Black Market Convertible Pants for commuting and around town. I have liked these pants and even used them earlier this week on my commute. Zoic is not a very large brand but seems to be making some headway in the industry. This fall I decided to reach out to see if there were some other cool weather pieces that would make sense to review for the site. The Zoic Highland Fleece Jersey and Hoodoo Shorts were what was landed on, and these were reviewed together. Thank you to Zoic for getting me the jersey and shorts to review.


I tested the Zoic Hoodoo Shorts mainly with the Highland Jersey but not exclusively. I tested the Hoodoo Shorts both with the included liner shorts, and with my own as they are removable. I used them on MTB rides and commuting in temperatures ranging from 30 to 65 degrees. In colder temperatures, I would wear leg warmers underneath. Just like with the Highland Jersey, I had a little rain, but for the most part, it was dry.

Jersey and Shorts from the Back – Click to See Larger

Design ★★★☆☆

Appearance (25%) ★★½☆☆

Construction (35%) ★★★½☆

Materials (20%) ★★★☆☆

Sustainability (10%) ★★☆☆☆

Weight (10%) ★★½☆☆

The Zoic Hoodoo Shorts could easily be called the Hoodoo Knickers. They have a longer inseam that covers the knees for extra protection and warmth. This also makes you look a little funny as your legs will look really short. Just look at my pictures, and you will see what I mean. The Hoodoo Shorts are actually made up of two shorts. There are the main outer shorts and a removable inner RPL Essential Liner. The outer shorts are made of a 100% nylon shell for durability and some wind resistance. In the back, the shorts have an elastic back waistband to help adjust to movement. To add some size adjustment on the waistband, there is a Velcro side adjuster to help you dial in the fit. At the front, there is a Velcro and double snap front closure that covers the top of the zippered fly. On the inside of the waistband there are two hanging snap hooks for the liner if you want to connect it. The other interesting feature of the shorts is an articulated knee with a zippered mesh gusset. This allows for better mobility and coverage if you are wearing knee pads.

RPL Essential Liner – Click to See Larger

If you like pockets the Hoodoo Shorts have plenty of them. There are eight total pockets on the shorts. There are two regular hand pockets with the left one having an internal tech sleeve. In the back, there are two Velcro rear pockets. Both legs have zippered pockets and zippered cargo style pockets with Velcro flaps. The right of these has an internal tech sleeve and audio port for routing audio cords out of. To help route your cables, there is a cord guide located up near the waist. With 8 total pockets, there is room for everything you want to carry and a place for it all. There is even a sunglasses wipe inside the right cargo pocket. The shorts have a generous fit and a 16-inch inseam. For better mobility while cycling it has been designed with a stretchy fusion gusset.

The inner liner is a polyester and spandex mesh with a ZO-Tech chamois pad. The RPL Liner is a fairly simple design. It has an elastic waist and elastic leg gripper on the thighs. The liner has a 9-inch inseam and has been designed with six panels so there is not front seam. The chamois pad is anatomically contoured for better fit and uses multi-level ergonomic foam for increased comfort on the saddle. The liner uses reversed stitching to keep the seams away from the body to reduce the chance of irritation.

ZO-Tech Chamois Pad – Click to See Larger

To my knowledge, none of the materials in the shorts are made of recycled materials. Nylons and Polyesters normally are not, and if they are, companies like to mention it. Zoic as a company does try to be aware of the environment and the ways they can preserve it. At least, their company endorses an alternative form of transportation that is much greener. For those reasons, I gave the shorts a two for sustainability.

Fit ★★★½☆

Adjustability (15%) ★★★★★

Comfort (25%) ★★★½☆

Ease of Movement (20%) ★★★½☆

Inseam Length (10%) ★★★☆☆

Leg Sizing (15%) ★★★½☆

Liner (15%) ★½☆☆☆

I have been wearing the Hoodoo Shorts for both MTB rides as well as some of my commuting. I really like the relaxed fit of the shorts. I wear enough spandex when road riding that it is nice to be more relaxed on my other rides. Ultimately, I like these as they are longer in length and therefore warmer. I have tested the Hoodoo Shorts both with the included liner and with my own. I like to use my old bib shorts as liners when I retire them from regular use. The extra coverage up the back is a definite plus, and I will get to that. With both set ups the shorts had enough room to easily layer over them without restricting movement. To assist in this the knees have been articulated, and Zoic has included a thin stretch gusset in the crotch. Neither was dramatically different but both were slightly noticeable, and I am sure they helped.

Gusseted Knee – Click to See Larger

The fabric itself is a little rougher and resistant to abuse, but I never felt like it was uncomfortable. The liner was also comfortable fit wise but slightly to loose on me for my preference. I am used to more compressive road riding apparel. This is why I normally opted for my old bib shorts. On the Hoodoo Shorts, I ended up testing a size medium. I have a 32 waist, and that is what is recommended on the Zoic site. I have been happy with the sizing as they are very adjustable. I think I may have been able to make a small work but medium was the safe choice, and I have no complaints now. The shorts have an elastic back that allows several inches of adjustment which I found to be well done. Couple this with the adjustable side Velcro tabs and you have some shorts that you can adjust to your personal preference. These have to be the most adjustable shorts I have ever worn, and it is not a gimmick; it really works.

The Essential Liner works, but I was not a huge fan of it. The fit ended up being slightly loose through the body than I prefer. I also like to have some lower back coverage and true shorts don’t’ offer that, this is more my personal preference. As for the chamois, I thought it was good for Mountain Bike Riding where you are in and out of the saddle a lot but for commuting where I stay seated the whole time I liked a firmer pad like my older bib shorts had. I did not ever try the shorts with knee pads as that type of riding is not my thing. I did layer it over some knee and leg warmers, but they are much thinner than pads would be. Still the knees were very comfortable on their own, and the gusseted zipper is a cool idea if you are a downhiller.

Side Adjustment Tabs – Click to See Larger

Performance ★★★½☆

Breathability (15%) ★★★☆☆

Durability (25%) ★★★½☆

Pockets (20%) ★★★½☆

Versatility (20%) ★★★★☆

Weather Resistance (20%) ★★★½☆

The Hoodoo Shorts definitely have enough pockets. I never had a ride where I used all of them. I could see them getting weighed way down if you were to fill them all. In particular, I really liked the cargo pockets that have both a Velcro flap and zipper for extra security. The right one of the two even has a sunglass wipe and tech sleeve for your phone, which is really cool. I like all the routing for your audio cables but did find the rubber piece you need to feed it through a bit tight. I hope it will loosen up, but it has not yet after the couple times I used it. I try not to ride too much with earphones in. From time to time, I used all six pockets in the front but not the two in the back. I could see using them when off the bike, but I felt like stuff in there interfered with my comfort when seated on the bike.

Elastic Back Waistband – Click to See Larger

The front of the shorts is a little different as the zipper is exposed. Most of the time it is under a flap but in the case of the Hoodoo Shorts, there is only a small flap that covers the zipper. Fortunately, it is closed by both Velcro and a double snap, so I had no issues with the shorts coming open on their own. All the zippers use semi-auto locking zippers that lock when facing down so they will not open when you ride. This is a great little addition as finding something you dropped along a ride can be a really hard thing to do.

The shorts have so far held up well to all my rides. I have had some small run-ins with tree on some of my trail rides but nothing really too serious. I hope I do not crash and have not been able to get myself to do so just for a review. =) All the zippers have been working flawlessly, and the shorts in general feel nice and robust. This toughness of the fabric lends itself to a tight knit, and this is what provides a good amount of wind resistance. The shorts felt breathable enough as I normally wore them on days I needed to stay warm rather than on hot days. They will also repel some light water but are not waterproof. On some muddy and wet rides, they stayed fairly dry even on the back where I had a descent spray line on my back.

Right Cargo Pocket w/Tech Sleeve and Sunglass Wipe – Click to See Larger

Overall ★★★½☆

Overall, I have liked the Hoodoo Shorts quite a bit. Yes, I think they look a little funny on but the comfort is worth it. The longer length and wind resistance make them good for any cool weather rides. I have been pleased with the fit of the shorts but did have some hesitation with the liner. I will say that chamois and saddles are very personal so what works for one may not work for another. Now if you like pockets, these are the shorts for you. There is a pocket for everything, and everything has a pocket. It did not feel like too much surprisingly as they are carefully planned out and stay unobtrusive when not in use. The real winner with these is the adjustable waist. With an elastic back and two Velcro side tabs, the Hoodoo Shorts can give you the fit you are looking for. If you are looking for a versatile short for a lot of different cycling adventures, the Hoodoo is it. The Zoic Hoodoo Shorts retails for $120, which fits right in there with similar shorts. As always, your mileage may vary.

Pros [field name=iFrame]

  • Adjustable waist
  • Wind resistant Fabric
  • 8 pockets
  • Audio routing
  • Longer length for warmth
  • Semi-auto locking zippers
  • Gusset and articulated knees helps mobility


  • Rubber audio port is a bit stiff
  • Liner is slightly large in the body

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