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Manufacturer Description

A combination of performance fabrics gives this tee one of the fastest moisture transport times on the market. Nothing will keep you cooler on a warm-weather run.


  • Fasttouch Ultralite Double Knit Pique Mesh Body – 54% Polyester, 46% Polypropylene
  • Poly/polypro plaited fabric to rapidly move moisture
  • Stretch Mesh Sides and Back – 92% Polyester, 8 % Elastane
  • Flat-lock seam construction eliminates chafe
  • Antimicrobial finish controls odor
  • Reflective trim for visibility
  • UPF 25
  • Active Fit
  • Tested size Medium
    • Weight – 120 g (4.2 oz)
    • Center Back – 68.8 cm (27.1 in)
    • Pit to Pit – 52.9 cm (20.8 in)
  • Retail – $55

YMMV Review

From the Front

I have been a fan of Mountain Hardwear for over 10 years now. Having used plenty of their gear back when I was a mountain guide. In the last year Mountain Hardwear has made an effort to revamp a good portion of their line. Their aim is to be innovative once again and looking for a way to constantly improve. Another thing they have been doing is entering a bit further into the Mountain Running environment with packs, clothing, and accessories to outfit their team of runners and sell to the public.

A couple of months ago I posted my review of their Fluid 6 Hydration Vest for running, which was a solid pack. When I talked with Mountain Hardwear, they also set me up with two of their lightweight shirts which I will be reviewing now. This review is of the Elmoro SS Tee, a very lightweight running shirt.


Living in Bend, Oregon, there is no shortage of hot dry days during the summer. This makes for very good testing grounds for warm weather summer gear as running when it is over 80 and even into the mid to upper 90s definitely makes for a harder day. I tested the Elmoro on these days on primarily runs with a hike or two thrown in. I tried to use it on long and short runs alike, ranging from 3 miles to 25. I also tested it both with and without a pack on.

Design ★★★½☆

Appearance (30%) ★★★☆☆

Construction (40%) ★★★½☆

Sustainability (10%) ★★½☆☆

Weight (20%) ★★★½☆

The Mountain Hardwear Elmoro Short Sleeve Tee is a multi fiber blend of fabrics to give it excellent moisture management properties for endurance sports. The Tee is made of two different fabrics. The main fabric which is used on the front, and some of the sides of the shirt is a polyester and polypropylene mix. This fabric is blended to have the best properties of both durability and moisture management. It will quickly move sweat off your skin to the outside of the shirt to be evaporated off. Thus keeping you dry and comfortable. The back of the shirt is made of an entirely different fabric. This fabric is a polyester and elastane mesh fabric with better breathability and stretch. By using this fabric under the arms and on the back it helps the body dissipate heat better and maintain a comfortable stretch for mobility. On most of the colors, Mountain Hardwear has used two different colors to distinguish the different fabrics.

Back View

The Elmoro Tee is fairly basic by overall design. There are no pocks, zips or anything extra. All the seams are flat locked for comfort and to reduce the possibility of chafing. The fabric has been treated with an anti-microbial finish to help reduce bacteria growth, which causes odor. The shirt has reflective accent’s built in on the lower back and the upper back logo for better low light visibility. The Elmoro SS Tee is minimal in design and weight, only 4.2 oz. The fabric also provides protection from the sun with a UPF rating of 25.

The Mountain Hardwear Elmoro is unfortunately not made of any sustainable fabrics. However, Mountain Hardwear does have a Code at the heart of their Social Responsibility program. That code is their standard of Manufacturing Practices and it outlines standards supporting their values of ethical, fair treatment of people and sustainable manufacturing practices in the following areas: forced labor, child labor, harassment or abuse, nondiscrimination, freedom of association, wages and benefits, hours of work, health and safety, environment, and ethical conduct. I think it is great that they have addressed all these issues. For these reasons, I gave the shirt a 2.5 rating in sustainability.

The Neck Area

Fit ★★★½☆

Arm Length (15%) ★★★½☆

Comfort (35%) ★★★☆☆

Ease of Movement (25%) ★★★★☆

Torso Sizing (25%) ★★★★☆

The Elmoro T is made to have an Active Fit. This means it will be trim but not tight, made to move with you while you are active. I ended up testing the medium as that is what I have always worn in Mountain Hardwear sizing. The Elmoro T fit just as I would expect a medium to fit. The length and size of the torso were right on. I never had any thoughts about it being too short or too long. An Active Fit is a good explanation of the fit. The Elmoro T was not tight or loose. There was definitely enough room underneath, but it was not a body-hugging fit. With running shirts there really is not much to say except when it is wrong. Since the Elmoro fits right on, I would suggest just buying your regular size and not worry about it.

I was a fan of the fabric in the shirt in that it moves well with you when running. The stretch fabrics in the mesh areas were great and I never once felt restricted by the shirt. The shirt is fairly soft, the main fabric more so than the mesh, but it is not as soft to the skin as the Way2Cool or the Butterman Shirts are. Don’t get me wrong, I would not call it a negative but rather just not as soft as the others. It never causes any discomfort or anything along those lines.

Reflective Stripe Built into the Lower Back

Performance ★★★★☆

Breathability (25%) ★★★★☆

Drying Speed (20%) ★★★½☆

Durability (20%) ★★★½☆

Moisture Transport (20%) ★★★★½

Reflectivity (15%) ★★½☆☆

The Elmoro Short-Sleeve Shirt did perform really well on my runs. The main body fabric was excellent at pulling moisture off my skin and quickly evaporating it off. Here in Bend since it is hot and dry this process can be very efficient with the right fabric, and the Elmoro has those fabrics. The mix of polyester and polypropylene works well to accomplish this. The mesh fabric does not have quite the same performance features of the main fabric but doe s breath very well. Mountain Hardwear used this fabric in the underarms and back as those locations are optimal for getting rid of excess heat. The mesh fabric did that well except in cases where it was covered up such as wearing a hydration pack. Speaking of a hydration pack, even after wearing one for several long runs I did not have any durability issues with the shirt. It has stood up well to the multiple uses and washing I have put it through.

The Elmoro has been made with a couple of reflective accents to help with low light visibility. There are stripes on each side of the lower back to go with a reflective log on the upper back.  These help you get seen from behind but strangely enough I did not see anything on the front of the shirt. Even the front logo is not reflective which I find odd. So note to self, if you are running towards oncoming traffic either turn your shirt around or run backwards to be seen better. Just kidding of course but it is still a strange omission. The anti-microbial finish seems to work okay but after a bunch of uses the shirt will have a bit of a funk like most synthetic shirts will. It is not bad but not super fresh either. I do wash my shirts with a perfume-free detergent and do not use dryer sheets as both can adversely affect the performance.

Up Close of the Fabrics

Overall ★★★½☆

Overall, I liked the Elmoro SS T. Compared to the Way2Cool that I also tested at this time I felt like the Way2Cool was more comfortable to wear, but the Elmoro performed better. Of course, we are splitting hairs a little here but the fabric of the Elmoro is more durable and moves moisture better than the Way2Cool. F you are looking for a performance driver short-sleeve shirt for running and other activities; the Elmoro is a good choice. It is not only available in short sleeve, but long sleeve, sleeveless, and short-sleeve zip-t. the Elmoro SS T retails for $55, which is on the higher side for a performance tee, but you get some high-quality fabrics and a solid performer. As always, your mileage may vary.

Pros [field name=iFrame]

  • Lightweight
  • Excellent Moisture Management
  • Good Breathability in the Back and Underarms
  • Reflective Details on the Back
  • Good Fit, well Proportioned


  • No Reflective Details on the Front
  • A Bit Expensive

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