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Manufacturer Description

All the nostalgia of a classic cycling cap right out of ‘Breaking Away’ with high wicking COOLMAX Fabric technology to keep you cool under your helmet.


  • COOLMAX Fabric terry headband
  • COOLMAX Fabric shell
  • Soft bill flips up or down for that traditional cycling look
  • Elasticized back for better fit
  • Perfect alone or under a helmet
  • Machine washable
  • Reflective stripe on the brim
  • SPF 20 sun protection.
  • Measured weight – 35 g (1.2 oz)
  • Retail – $20

YMMV Review

I have had several running hats from Headsweats over the years but never a cycling cap. Fortunately Headsweats sent me a SpinCycle Cap and I have been happy to test it out. I am a fan of cycling caps as they help block the sun, rain, and wind from getting in my eyes over the top of my sunglasses.

Inside View

Design ★★★★☆

The Headsweats SpinCycle Cap is a well designed cap. The main body fabric is CoolMax which wicks away moisture. The headband has CoolMax terry super-soft fabric inside for comfort against the head and moisture transport. The cap is made out of three sections that contour to the shape of your head and have 4-way stretch to accommodate all heads. The seams both inside and out are flat locked for comfort under the helmet. There is a logo on the right side but otherwise the hat is solid black. In the front there is a soft bill which is slightly shorter than a typical running hat. This soft bill can be flipped up or down depending on preference. On the bill Headsweats has added a reflective stripe which not only adds to safety but also adds a bit of style. In the back there is a 4 cm wide elastic band to accommodate different head sizes while keeping the cap secure. While I tested the black, the SpinCycle comes in both black and white.

Fit ★★★½☆

The SpinCycle fit nice and snug to my head. This is important as you do not want to have extra fabric that can get bunched up under a helmet because eventually that will become uncomfortable and take away from the ride. The flat locked seams make sure there are no ridges to cause discomfort and soft headband is good for long periods on the bike. I think the elastic band in the back works really well, it is tight but does not feel like it is trying to strangle my head. The wide band is a nice touch as the pressure is distributed over a larger area to be more comfortable.

Side View

As a preference I think the bill is slightly on the long side. Compared to a couple other cycling hats I have, my favorite ones are all slightly shorter. That being said, even at the longer length it does not sit too low or impede vision. One thing I have noticed on this is the bill is not sewn on completely centered. Mine is shifted over about a ½ cm to the wearer’s right. This is not a big deal when it is worn under a helmet and may or may not be off the helmet. Depends on if you are uber anal about it or not. Since the hat is a solid color, it is hard to tell on this one.

Performance ★★★★☆

The Headsweats SpinCycle Cap definitely does what it is supposed to do. The CoolMax fabric wicks away moisture well. Since I have short hair I appreciate how the sweatband soaks up and blocks sweat from running down my head into my eyes. This is definitely one of the reasons I like to wear a cycling cap. Another bonus is the UPF 20 Rating the fabric has. On really hot days in the summer if I go without a hat I have gotten vent shaped tan lines from the sun coming through. Cycling hats help prevent this which is a good thing on many levels. The bill does a good job of blocking the elements from my eyes and making it easier to see. One drawback of a cycling cap is it is a bit more difficult to see if you are in the drops but the bill flips up rather easily to address this issue.

Rear Elastic Band

Overall ★★★★☆

Assuming you like the length of the bill and the style of the hat, the SpinCycle Hat is feature rich. It has a subtle style and really does perform well under a helmet. The wicking properties of CoolMax keep your head comfortable and when you are finished it looks good off the bike as well. The SpinCycle Cap fits well and is accommodating too many different head shapes. At $20 you get more than you pay for in terms of performance. I would definitely recommend this cap and if you have never tried a cycling cap before, you are missing out. As always, your mileage may vary.

Funny Picture with It On


  • CoolMax fabric wicks away sweat
  • UPF 20
  • Reflective stripe on bill
  • Fits well


  • My bill was slightly off center
  • Bill is slightly longer than some other cycling caps

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