Port Townsend Larry Scott Trail Ride

Over Labor Day weekend, Melissa and I went up to camp with my family on some friends’ property on Marrowstone Island.  My Mom and Stepdad live up in the area, so I know it well.  I have, however, been fairly removed since I graduated high school in 1995 so each time I go up, I find changes to what I once knew.  That was again what happened on this ride.  Melissa and I decided to take our cross bikes up with us as we wanted to go for a ride and were looking forward to getting off the main roads if we could.  Enter the new Larry Scott Trail.  This trail is still under construction and will be part of the much larger Olympic Discover Trail that will go from Port Townsend all the way to the Pacific, about 126 miles in length is the plan.  Currently, there are just over 50 miles completed so there is much work to do.  The current portion of the Larry Scott trail is about 6 miles long and is about 90% hard packed gravel with a little pavement thrown in.

Discovery Bay and the Olympics

We started our ride on Marrowstone Island, a small island located between Port Townsend and Whidbey Island.  The ride was an out and back to Port Townsend where we were going to have lunch and then return via the same route.  The first 4 miles were along the water as we first rode off Marrowstone Island and then across Indian Island.  After getting off the islands we would traverse across the peninsula to ride a short portion along the Discovery Bay.  Shortly after that we would be able to get off the roads entirely and ride along the Larry Scott Trail the remainder of the way into Port Townsend.  Most of the roads we were on were lower traffic with small to little shoulder and rolling terrain.  Sunday was a great day out for a ride.  Temperatures were in the low 70s with a light breeze from the North.  There were no clouds in the sky, which is something you cannot say too often in Port Townsend.

Looking North from Town

Melissa and I cruised along fairly easily on our cross bikes. They are not as fast on the road due to the knobby tires but since we were going on trails later in the ride, we were happy to make the small sacrifice. Along the Discovery Bay Road, there were views across the water at the Olympics in the distance with a few lingering clouds obscuring a couple of the peaks from view. I always love to look at the Olympics and remember adventures I have had and other I plan to do.  When we first reached the trail it kind of snuck up on us. There was no real signage at this time but once on the trail, there were some smaller mileage markers, which gave us confidence we were on the right path.  Between milepost 6 and 5 is not finished yet, but the trail was still in plenty good shape to ride on. Once on the finished section you could tell the difference as it was wider and graded better.  The trail cruises uphill between residences and farms on easement land with sections through the forest.  It is not too long before you reach a paved under crossing of the main highway into Port Townsend.

Melissa on the Trail

We crossed under the highway and continue along the trail as it passed by the Port Townsend Paper Mill that was in full function even on a Sunday.  The trail then cruises along the waterfront before coming to an end at the dock of Port Townsend.  There were plenty of people out in the marina, even guys out painting their boats while listening to classic rock. Just what you would expect in the dry docks.  We rode out of the marina, and into downtown Port Townsend where the streets were hopping with people.  We rode out to the end of town before we back tracked and decided to get some pizza for lunch.  We stopped for pizza a Waterfront Pizza which I would highly recommend.  With 3 slices in hand and a Limonata soda, we walked out onto the pier to enjoy our lunch in the sun.  It was so comfortable out you could spend hours out there but ice cream, and the ride home were calling so we wandered over to Elevated Ice Cream.  They were packed on this sunny day but we both felt like the 15-minute  wait was worth it in the end.

Larry Scott Trail

After the ice cream, we headed out of town, and Melissa’s new cross bike started making some grinding noise in the bottom bracket. Unfortunately, there was nothing I could do at the time, and it was not affecting here pedaling so we continued on.  As we went it got louder but was nothing more than annoying.  We will see later  if there was anything else going on in there.  The ride home otherwise was uneventful.  Out and back rides are generally not my favorite as you have already done the whole ride before so there is nothing new to see.  We still cruised along making good time and all in all, rode 35.7 miles round trip.  It took us a shade under three hours of pedaling time and a little over four hours of total time as we chilled in Port Townsend.  I must say I really liked the new trail and just the slow nature of the ride was awesome, a great way to spend an afternoon.  I do not do enough of these semi-casual rides and always enjoy them.  As always, your mileage may vary.

Lunch on the Pier

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