My name is JJ Johnson and I live in beautiful Carnation, Washington with my wife & two cats.  I have spent the last 9 years living in several awesome places around the country including Bend, OR, Erie, CO, and Chicago, IL. I grew up in Seattle and graduated from the University of Washington, so coming back to the Northwest has been coming back home.  With the outdoors right outside my door I have developed a passion for the outdoors and an obsession with gear.

I decided to start YMMV Reviews because I am always being asked my opinion on the gear I use.  Partly that is because they see that my gear is always changing and also since they know I am very meticulous in my equipment.  I love to hike, mountain climb, rock climb, cycle, run, swim, golf, ski, and play an occasional team sport. When not sleeping or eating, I like to get out and be active.  I originally starting hiking with some friends in college, going on hiking trips during our breaks from school.  These trips helped me understand how much good gear can make a difference (in the Pacific Northwest Mountains it is almost always raining). In college I took it a step further and mountain guided for Beyond Malibu in the Coastal Mountains of British Columbia for 2 years.  Over the last couple years I have also gotten the bug for Triathlons, Marathons, Ultra-Marathons, and cycling.  In 2005 I finished my first marathon, in 2007 I finished my first Ironman, and in 2009 I finished my first Ultra-Marathon. I am not a elite athlete, rather a middle-of-the-pack racer.

Personal Bests

I currently work in the digital marketing industry for Microsoft.  I know there are several other good sites out there that provide reviews, but there is a lot of gear so I hope to be able to give a different view or even cover some options that are not covered by others.  If you have any questions about my reviews, my adventures, or you just want to chat; please contact me through my contact page.  Thanks for reading, your mileage may vary.